Territory Management Dashboard

Say goodbye to chaotic spreadsheet site bookings and gluing yourself to the computer on registration day.

We’ve automated the territory management process so you can collaborate with other local organizations, instead of fighting tooth and nail for sought-after spots.

Territory Site

Access detailed location insights

When you click on a site for more details, you'll discover a rich info card that includes a map, foot traffic data, authorized setup locations, recommended campaigning times, directions to the site from your current location, a log of past campaigns at the location, and more!

Book sites in advance of draft day

Busy on draft day? Try our automated pre-draft scheduling feature. Simply drag and drop your desired locations into the "preferred sites" column, and the system will automatically attempt to book you in when the draft opens. If a site is unavailable, you can manually select another one later on.

Territory Pre-Draft
Territory Site Request

Request site trades from other organizations

Territory management often requires a little collaboration between fellow organizations. If another team has reserved a location you'd like to use, head to your dashboard, click the double-arrow button on their schedule, and ask if they're open to swapping with you.

Log field notes in real time

See something interesting while you're on the ground? Representatives can click on their location's info card and press "check in/leave a note" to jot down observations about foot traffic, number of transactions completed, and more to optimize future efforts.

Territory Feedback
Territory City

Add new cities as demand increases

Top-level users have the authority to add new cities to our platform as demand increases. They can customize draft settings for each additional city, and create custom campaign areas by demarcating borders and radiuses.

Register private sites with decision-makers

Your trade secrets are yours to keep. Request to privatize certain locations within larger campaigning sites, and get them approved by top-level administrators using our software. Open the location card, click the specific area you wish to keep private, click "make request", and send.

Territory Privatization

Get to know our dashboard

All the tools and insights you need under one roof

map view

Consult previous weeks' territory lists and map views


View assigned territories as a list or map

real time data

Access real time graphs, analytics, and downloadable reports

site bookings

Add or remove site bookings for your organization

overview options

Toggle between personal view and global scheduling overview including other organizations

draft settings

Draft settings area containing draft dates and positions – will display an “enter now” button when draft is live


7-day weather forecast to help you make informed location decisions

Territory Dashboard
Territory Weather
Territory New Site

With our simple user hierarchy, each level is associated with unique permissions to streamline the territory management process.

Level 1


  • Change draft settings (dates, times, draft positions)

  • Create add/remove/suspend organization member teams

  • View global schedule as a map or list for this week or past weeks

  • Send emails/notifications to members

  • View reports/statistics about usage/key performance indicators

  • Post announcements in a global news feed

  • View history of a site, including past campaigns and number of fundraisings onsite

  • Create/edit/delete/suppress sites

  • Assign/unassign a private site



Level 2

Organizational Member

  • Participate in the draft lottery

  • Add users to their organization

  • Book/remove sites on draft day or after the fact, if a site is available

  • View global schedule as a map or list for this week or past weeks

  • Send emails/notifications to viewers

  • View reports/statistics about usage/key performance indicators

  • Provide feedback for different sites

  • Access global newsfeed

  • Request a private site

  • View site history (eg: which sites they have booked in the past)

Level 3

Field Member

  • Ability to check in at a site via mobile device: gives organizations insight into the number of fundraisers present at each site during a campaign

  • Provide real time feedback. Example: there is construction happening on location, particularly high footfall on a given day


Territory Hierarchy

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