Nothing closes deals like the human touch.

Our full suite of onboarding and management tools was designed to create rich,
meaningful experiences for sales and fundraising initiatives.


For fundraising

OnBoard is our flagship donor acquisition and field force automation platform. Tap into unparalleled insights backed by granular data, smart forms that offer 99% data accuracy, and powerful fundraising tools to help you acquire donors, then retain them for life.

OnBoard Dashboard
OnBoard 2Step
OnBoard 2Step
call center

Our call centre approach is designed to accompany you through the entire donor lifecycle.

contactless mode

Preserve the human touch with our contactless fundraising option.

social media integration

Spread the positive word on your favourite social media to expand your donor-base.


Easily manage all aspects of your campaigns using our flexible suite of management tools.


OnBoard offers an incredibly simple web interface to help visualize success in the field.


OnBoard is built entirely with data security in mind. It is fully GDPR and PCI-DSS compliant.

OnBoard Dashboard


A data goldmine with exceptionally detailed reporting.

OnBoard's user dashboard is chock full of handy KPIs that can be filtered, sliced, and diced: average donor age, average amount donated, total amount donated, average signup duration, individual activity logs, and heat maps – all updated in real time.


For sales

Streamline your sales funnel with the power of data. Slice and dice KPIs for enhanced insights, manage representatives from a distance, stop fraud before it happens, and leverage our advanced payment and security solutions to get to “yes” faster than ever.

OnBoard Dashboard
OnBoard Dashboard
OnBoard 2Step
OnBoard Sub List
OnBoard 2Step Sig
OnBoard Primus

OnBoard, a data-driven sales platform

The most secure solution for customer acquisition and sales person management

  • Completely customize welcome and follow-up emails that are branded to your company.

  • Instantly validate customers' banking and account information for faster and more secure sales.

  • Import, manage, segment, and export key lead lists, including lapsed leads, people to retarget, and people who have made a purchase.

  • OnBoard enhances data security through PCI Compliant security standards.

We're not just here to help you run a successful sales campaign. We're here to help you succeed for years and years to come.

Perfect for
  • Telecom

  • Credit Cards

  • Energy

  • Security

  • Health Care

  • POS Systems

Territory Management

Your face-to-face fundraising teams, managed.

Schedule sought-after fundraising sites in advance, avoid conflicting bookings with other local organizations, and gather real-time location data to inform your future campaigns.

Territory Management Map View
Territory Management Table View

Get a fair shot thanks to drafting

Fair is fair. Our territory management tool uses an automated drafting system to ensure every organization gets a shot at your city's most coveted campaigning spots: if you get first pick one week, you'll get second pick next week, and so on.

Access detailed location insights

When you click on a site for more details, you'll discover a rich info card that includes a map, foot traffic data, authorized setup locations, recommended campaigning times, directions to the site from your current location, a log of past campaigns at the location, and more!

Book sites in advance of draft day

Busy on draft day? Try our automated pre-draft scheduling feature. Simply drag and drop your desired locations into the “preferred sites” column, and the system will automatically attempt to book you in when the draft opens. If a site is unavailable, you can manually select another one later on.

Custom Development

Custom Development

Making dreams come true with custom development

If you've got a great idea for an app or other tech venture but don't know where to start, the Made Media team can work alongside you to help to bring your vision to life.

The sky is truly the limit when it comes to what we can do: from interactive booths to digital surveys to custom apps, there's no web development project too big (or too small) for our experts.

Nothing compares to having an expert by your side

We know IT. We know nonprofit and sales. We know exactly what you're looking for.

Choose Made Media to support you every step of the way!

Step 1: Discovery

We will sit down together to discuss your specific vision, assess the scope of the project, and guide your idea in the right direction. What do you need from us? How can we help? What might a timeline and budget look like?

Step 2: DESIGN

Now that we know exactly what we need to build for you, our team will get started on an initial design for your approval. If you're happy with how the outline looks, we will continue on to production, making edits if necessary.

Step 3: Workflow

As Made Media's design and development experts bring your project to life, we will remain in constant contact so you know how your project is evolving. We will keep you posted with major updates and be available to answer any questions you might have along the way.

Step 4: Launch

The most exciting part! Once we deliver your project, it will be yours to share with the world. If you need maintenance or support post-delivery, we're only ever a phone call away.

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